Luxe Cloud Pillow – Fruit Toile (Strawberry)


Immerse yourself in the art of sophistication and be captivated by the perfect fusion of luxury, comfort, and artistic beauty. Our exquisite dual-tone Fruit Toile collection is the pinnacle of opulence and refinement in fruit-inspired nursery decor. Building upon our well-established reputation for delivering luxurious offerings, we are thrilled to unveil this fruit-inspired masterpiece.

This exclusive print transports you to a world of lush fruit orchards and thriving vineyards, where an abundance of delectable fruits flourish. It’s a visual masterpiece that infuses an undeniable sense of sophistication into your living spaces. The Fruit Toile collection transcends mere aesthetics; it symbolizes opulence. Whether displayed in your nursery, bedroom, or making a bold statement in your living area, these fruit-themed pillows elevate your decor to an unmatched level of refinement.

Our unwavering commitment to quality shines through, with the Luxe Fruit Pillow featuring premium materials that are both exquisite and environmentally friendly. The plush surface offers unparalleled comfort, ensuring that moments of relaxation for your child are truly luxurious. Pamper your child and yourself with the Fruit Toile collection – a testament to luxury and a celebration of the enduring beauty of fruits.

Purchase this product to earn 45-95 Points worth of $1-$2!
Purchase this product to earn 45-95 Points worth of $1-$2!
Key Features

Key Features

  • This set includes a pillowcase and an insert.
  • The special envelope closure at the end of the case allows the pillow to be tucked away, creating a more polished and refined appearance. It also secures the pillowcase, preventing it from slipping out or shifting during use.
  • The pillowcase comes with piping that adds an elegant touch and provides a pleasing tactile experience, inviting one to run their fingers over its raised texture.
  • Available in 4 colors – Blueberry, Stone, Strawberry and Grape.
  • Our bamboo pillows are thoughtfully packaged in a vacuum-sealed environment to ensure freshness and quality. Occasionally, some pillows may experience minor air seepage, causing the packaging to fluff up. This is not indicative of a product defect but rather a natural occurrence.


  • Available in three sizes: Medium (38x18cm), Large (53x23cm) and X-Large (86x31cm)
Blossoming in the Orchard: Introducing the Fruit Toile Edition

Blossoming in the Orchard: Introducing the Fruit Toile Edition

In a picturesque fruit orchard bathed in warm sunlight, Holly, a young and adventurous soul, embarked on an enchanting journey. The orchard was a paradise of nature’s treasures, with fruit-laden trees casting dappled shadows and the air carrying the sweet fragrance of ripened delights.

Holly, driven by her insatiable curiosity, explored this abundant oasis. Her heart danced with excitement as she plucked the ripest apples and picked the juiciest plums. Every fruit she gathered felt like a tiny treasure, full of nature’s sweet goodness.

As she wandered deeper into the orchard, Holly discovered even more fruit varieties – cherries, peaches, and pears – each offering unique flavour and charm. Her laughter echoed through the orchard as she savoured the simple pleasure of tasting the fruits straight from the branches.

This magical day of exploration and joy became a cherished memory for Holly, filled with wonder, adventure, and the sheer beauty of the natural world.

Bamboo Pillow Care Instructions

Bamboo Pillow Care Instructions

To ensure your bamboo pillow serves you well, it’s essential to care for it properly. Here’s a guide to help you keep your pillow fresh and comfortable:

Washing the Insert:

  • Frequency: Wash the pillow insert sparingly to maintain its integrity. Only do so when necessary.
  • Temperature: Use cold water to prevent fiber damage and to maintain the pillow’s structural integrity.
  • Detergent: Opt for mild, eco-friendly detergents to preserve the fabric’s softness and quality.

Handling Clumping:

  • Identification: It’s normal for the pillow to exhibit clumping over time, a phenomenon where the fibers stick together.
  • Resolution: Dry the pillow thoroughly after washing and gently knead the clumps to break them apart. This restores the fluffiness and comfort of your pillow.


  • Method: Air-dry the pillow insert to prevent shrinkage and fiber damage. If using a dryer, choose a low-heat setting.
  • Duration: Ensure the pillow is completely dry before using it again to prevent mold and mildew growth.


  • Freshness: To maintain freshness, air the pillow regularly. Place it in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and to keep it smelling fresh.
  • Texture Maintenance: Over time, the surface of your pillow might develop some rough patches. Use a mechanical fabric roller gently on the pillow surface to remove these rough areas, helping to retain the pillow’s soft texture and inviting appearance. Regularly using the roller will ensure the pillow remains soft and pleasant to the touch, enhancing your comfort each night.
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